I absolutely love the sweet and grounding smell of essential oils during a massage treatment. Most spas and clinics charge $10+ for a treatment but I offer these for free! Please request them at the time of your appointment and I'll show you my selection!

A few scents I offer from DoTerra:

And many more!


I currently offer Cupping as an enhancement to any session (with prior approval, some medical restrictions apply). Cupping is an excellent mode of loosening tissue using suction as opposed to direct applied pressure.  My silicone cups create a dry pressure seal on the skin to help pull and loosen tissue and blood vessels. There is a slight pinching sensation before release. My clients often don't feel anything after the first few seconds. The cups are left on between 5 and 15 minutes and are incredibly effective at passively and painlessly loosening the body.

This service is not available to those:

Denver Massage garage utilizes 2 types of cups: Flexible silicone cups and hard plastic pump cups. Please notify your therapist if you have a preference! (both are  perfectly effective, just some types are better on some skin types/textures than others). ***Please be advised this enhancement is only available for 90 and 120 minute appointments only.***

Headache / Migraine Relief

Fear not skull pain sufferers, I can locate and treat impingements in soft tissue around your neck, shoulder, scalp and face to help alleviate pain or pounding in your head. This treatment is also excellent for treating stress or otherwise just relaxing! This can be either a stand-alone massage treatment or incorporated into your full-body experience.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are available October through April. The hot stones I use are smooth, flat Oceanic Basalt stones slowly water heated in a professional Hot Stone unit. The 120-140 degree heat from the stones are not only an incredible treat on a cold day, but they also encourage vasodilation of the blood vessels. This can sytemically open up blood flow and connect the body. The applied heat relaxes tissue and is a comforting feeling on the skin. Please request these at booking as they need ample time to preheat. Clients will be instructed to drink water particularly after this session as it sometimes causes lightheadedness and nausea. Please inquire with me whether your medical conditon can withstand a hot stone treatment.

Low Back / Sciatica Massage

Low back pain is the #1 complaint from my clients, and thus this is my specialty! In Western culture, we often have jobs and lives that cause aches and pains. We drive in our cars for long distances, hold children (or dogs) on our hips, work from desks and often sleep in the fetal position. The body is designed to move and stretch, and sometimes it's difficult to following a stagnant body position. I developed my own technique called my "Passive Hip Release" which features strategic pressure and movement. This can be intensive but I will work within your pressure tolerance. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Following an injury, surgery or otherwise bodily trauma, Lymphatic Drainage is encouraged to gently urge the flow of the body's lymphatic fluid to better balance. Please inquire prior to booking this appointment for specific clarification and professional recommendation.

Neuromuscular Massage

This intense modality is also referred to as "Triggerpoint Myotherapy" which uses varying pressure levels on soft tissue to alleviate muscle strain, injury, and improve overall well-being. This is a specific form of "Deep Tissue" that focuses on the restoration and rehabilitation of the body. This is one of my more popular-requested modalities. Please also see Lymphatic Drainage and Hydrotherapy. 

Pectoral / Anterior Thorax Massage

This modality is a specialized service geared towards the pec muscles, or otherwise known as the breast tissue area. Because this is such a sensitive area, all clients are required to sign and date a special consent form prior to treatment. This is a therapeutic treatment ONLY, and any inappropriate requests surrounding this treatment will get you banned from the Denver Massage Garage client list for life.

What does chest massage do to benefit me?

Plenty!! So many clients develop something called "Tech-Neck" where the neck, shoulders, and upper back get locked up from slouching, working at a computer, or otherwise reaffirming holding patterns in which the shoulders are pulled forward. With anterior (AKA front) thorax muscle release, the body is better able to loosen and straighten out! Have you been receiving massage for years on your back and shoulders yet nothing helps? Try this add-on! It's complimentary with any regular bodywork session, so please be sure to complete the optional intake form and let's get you started!

Wait. I'm sensitive on my chest, but I know I need the work. How do you accommodate those with special needs?

Most people are sensitive there, in all honesty.  Soft tissue can hold onto trauma for months if not years. Your massage therapist is trained to be absolutely respectful of your boundaries and she will do her best to make sure you are comfortable at all times. She is also trained to help your journey through any emotional releases as well. Clients may withdraw from this treatment at any time, even in the middle of it!  You deserve to be respected and heard in the Denver Massage Garage treatment space, so please be sure to communicate your feelings to your massage therapist. She's here to help you!

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is recommended 12+ weeks in the second trimester but I can treat within the first trimester with a physician's written approval. Carrying a baby is intensive on the body, so this relaxing and rejuvenating massage provides comfort and relief to the new mother. Denver Massage Garage owns a state-of-the-art Body Cushion that permits for proper bolstering and cushioning so Mom can lay face down! Not many massage businesses can accomodate this! Side-lying positioning is also available if requested!


Reflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to specific body parts. 

Benefits of Reflexology:


Increase Circulation

Improve Nerve Supply

Assist in Natural Balance

Recharge the Body's Energy


Efficiently Address The Body as a Whole

"For the body does not consist of one member but of many. if the foot should say, 'Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body' that would not make it any less a part of the body... As it is, there are many parts, yet one body. The eye cannot say to the hand 'I have no need of you.' If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together." --1 Corinthians 12:14-21

Scalp Treatment

The Scalp Treatment is exactly how it sounds: delicious attention on the scalp! Relax and rejuvenate with a scalp treamtnet using high-quality scented oils that hydrates skin and hair alike. This is an excellent treatment for those experiencing headaches, migraines, stress, depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, or you just plain like your head touched! This service includes ear and face massage as well. Please notify your therapist of any piercings or sensitivities in any of these areas. Please be advised you WILL have a greasy scalp following this treatment!

Choose from: Apricot, Grapefruit, Mango, or Peppermint

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a timely and systematic modality that targets specific areas to enhance athletic performance. Sports strokes are usually more deliberate and more moderately tempo'd compared to swedish. This massage focuses on target areas on the body specific to a sport, workout, fitness goals or recovery. This modality is also encourages more range of motion, full ability for muscle contraction, and release of muscle tension. 

Structural Integrative Massage

The Structural Objective is the optimized goal for the body in its relationship to gravity. Posture gives us insight into the integrity of the joints to view dysfunction and compensation. Our bodies are built to move and sometimes they can't or won't move. Your therapist will identify and treat structural dysfunctions and limitations in the body as a whole to:

1.) Restore and maintain the body's full range of motion

2.) Develop optimal levels of physical and mental wellness

3.) Promote well-being through functional and structural balance

4.) Get the body to the best possible condition to heal itself

5.) Minimize the progression of the dysfunction if congenital

"Where the pain is, the dysfunction isn't." -Ida Rolf

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is characterized by long, flowing and relaxing strokes with light to medium pressure. The primary objective in American Swedish massage is stress reduction and relaxation; to connect the body through smooth flow and transitional movement. This is the relaxing and rejuvenating option.

Triggerpoint Therapy/ REHAB

I get loads of questions on this modality so I'm going to dive deeper into this description!

WHAT is a Trigger Point?

A firm, palpable, highly irritable spot in a band of taut muscle fibers or fascia characterized by tenderness, referred pain and loss of range of motion. 

Myofascial triggerpoints are an extremely common occurence and painful normalcy of everyone's life. The intensity of Trigger Point pain can vary from agonizing to a painless restriction in movement. Trigger Point Therapy is a highly effective technique used to alleviate chronic pain and dysfuction and can be incorporated into any style of massage. 

Triggerpoints can be caused by:

Chronic Overuse: Repetitive motions or movements of muscle groups

Disuse (Atrophy)

Static Stress: maintaining a certain posture 

Injury or Trauma: Any event that interrupts the normal function of a muscle and, by extension, compensation

Joint Dysfunction: Range of motion for a compromised joint as a result of an injury or misalignment

What does a Trigger Point feel like?

A deep, achy pain

Superficial Ache

Pins and Needles

'Bubbly' Referral Sensations



Loss of Range of Motion

Weakness in the specific muscle or muscle group