For both therapist and client protection, the following policies apply to all who use Denver Massage Garage services:




Please take a moment to thoroughly review this cancellation policy. Unexpected circumstances in life absolutely happen. Denver Massage Garage is empathetic to this, and will be taking extra steps in providing ample appointment reminders so clients can reschedule with respect to the policy detailed below to avoid cancellation charges. Please understand, that with the financial challenges since the Covid-19 pandemic, personal service workers can no longer shoulder the burden of lost wages and still offer services at competitive rates, warranting this policy.

This policy will be upheld regardless of the reason for the missed appointment. COVID exposure, positive COVID test, suspicious sniffle, flat tire, canceled babysitter, traffic, or any other reason do not excuse the cancellation charge if the proper notice is not honored. Thank you for your continued understanding and support.



Denver Massage Garage absolutely does not discriminate based on race, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, physical appearance,  familial status, or any other fact about you that categorizes people. If you approach Denver Massage Garage with kindness, you will be rewarded with kindness in return. Be a good person.

Late Arrival

Medical Disclosure

The client agrees to fill out the medical intake form to the best of their current knowledge, and disclose any preexisting or current medical conditions (including surgeries, medications, or injuries). The therapist reserves the right to refuse service if a medical condition lands outside of DMG’s scope of practice. If a condition worsens or changes, please let your therapist know a minimum 24 hours before your session. Some conditions are contraindicated for massage so please notify DMG early. Clients over age 18 acknowledge that they must fill out their own intake forms prior to massage treatment and for clients under 18, only a parent or guardian can fill it out on their behalf.

No Show

No show appointments will incur a fee for the full-priced session.


As always, tips are deeply appreciated but never expected. Payment is acceptable through: 

If paying via credit card or HSA/HRA, please prepay prior to your session through the booking software on this website. Email billing@denvermassagegarage.com with any questions. Thank you!


Professional Boundaries

Respect for Client Needs + Boundaries

Your therapist is happy to adjust pressure, temperature, music type and volume, or focus on an area on the body if requested. The client has the right to refuse any massage methods, modalities, or to stop the massage at any time. The client is free to leave at any time and will not be detained for any reason.

Right of Refusal

Just like clients can choose who to see for bodywork, your massage therapist reserves the right to treat or not treat whom they please. Denver Massage Garage accepts clients of all backgrounds, but sometimes personalities clash. Your massage therapist has full rights to refuse service for any reason. Any deposits/ prepayments will absolutely be refunded in 7-10 days and proof of refund will be provided. Additionally, Denver Massage Garage is not equipped to offer oncology massage or massage treatment to those receiving radiation therapy. Sincerest apologies.

Scope of Practice

Kelly is a highly qualified, trained, and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in the state of Colorado, USA. As a massage therapist, she may not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medications, but may make massage-related recommendations on treatment plans. Kelly is happy to refer clients out to other professionals if client needs exceed her scope of practice. Any relevant documentation is available for clients to verify on the treatment room wall or online through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency website. LIC#MT.0016298