Meet Your Massage Therapist

Meet Kelly Simons, massage therapist since 2013!

Kelly has served as: 

"My bodywork specialty features an analysis of posture and pain. I build my treatment procedure based on each client's needs and comfort level. Every session is customized. My goal is to help clients stand straighter, perform more efficiently, and live their lives without pain or restriction. Over the last 10 years, I've developed my own protocol specific to lower back and glute relief, a technique I coin the 'Passive Hip Release.' This technique can be intense, but is so effective in alleviating lower back pain, hip girdle pain, and sciatica. I have yet to meet another LMT in Denver who does this. I'm passionate and knowledgeable about what I do." --Kelly

A true Colorado native, Kelly loves all the "Colorado" things: camping, skiing, green chili on everything, fishing,  summer shopping the Mile Hi Flea Market, and concerts at Red Rocks. She's a skilled gardener and an amateur potter. If she likes you, you may well receive a wonky hand-made bowl (cup? Mug? magnet?) from her. <3 

Isaiah 40:31